Sequel sitter states that Netflix’s original cast will return


Sequel sitter states that Netflix’s original cast will return

The comedy sequel Netflix Horror The sitter a pair of has revealed its actor, which is the same as the first time. The sitter was launched on Netflix in October 2017 and saw twelve-year-old Cole fighting a Babysitter and his friends when he accidentally discovered them as part of a demonic cult that sacrificed the innocent to feed Tommy magically with his blood.

The sequel to the film Sitter begins two years after the end of the first film and now sees Cole fighting a different and more durable opponent: High School. Babysitter 

While trying to overcome the trauma of his experience of preparedness to sacrifice by running for devil worship and instead of surviving the evils of the daily teen drama, a group of older teens who tried to kill him for the first time are revenge, meaning that Cole will have to fight back to stay on. Alive and making fun of those who hunt him. Babysitter


I have had teen wolves and was the first film of the teenage masterBabysitter

Casting news from returning presently confirmed the return of Judah Lewis (The Christmas Chronicles) to Cole, as well as a variety of teenage cartoons from the first film by Bella Thorne (Amityville: The waking up, The DUFF) as Allison, Robbie 

Emile (The Dove, The Flash) as Jock Max, Hannah Mai Lee (Beach Perfect) as Sonia and Andrew Batchelor (for all the men I loved previously) as John’s Black Man. BabysitterLeslie Bibb (Iron Man, Midnight Meat Train) and Ken Marino (Veronica Mars, Brooklyn Nine-Nine) also returned as Cole’s parents, and Emily Allen Lind (replicas, hidden) as Melanie, the next door girl in love with the Colonel

The only member of the original cast who has not confirmed his presence in the film after his return is the murderous beautiful nanny Samara Weave (ready or not), who is currently filming Bill Face the Music as Thea Preston, daughter by Alex Bell in winter Babysitter

The immediate and obvious question to be addressed is the news is exactly how Cole’s opponents will return because, at the end of the first film, each of them was dead. 

The most likely solution is that since they were part of a satanic cult, the authorities granted them gave them little control over death. Another possibility is that they carried out their mission of bees, which was seen in the half-credit scene as surviving his apparent death. Babysitter

The villains of horror films who come back from the dead with little explanation or justification are essential in this genre, and since the sitter, a pair of exaggerates the family as much as their predecessors, the bloodthirsty Quartet’s return is likely to have such an expectation. , As well as the fucking film feeling of fun.

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