What would have been Badlands Spinoff


What would have been Badlands Spinoff

The creators of “Into the Badlands” launched a Western-style show for AMC, but it went nowhere and might have an interesting story. The discrete series, if AMC gave it the green light, would have ended Cliffhanger Into the Badlands at the end of the third season and would quickly advance to twenty years in the future.

At the end of the third season of Into the Badlands, Sunny (Daniel Wu) gathered the other main characters and clashed with Pilgrim (Babou Ceesay) and his army for the last time. 

After a recent dramatic confrontation, Sunny died of his wounds, but returned to life to face the return of an old evil “stronger and more insidious than any man.” The truth of Sunny’s new mission was revealed in the final scene when a pilgrim man found a loaded pistol buried in the ground. This discovery means that the weapons have reached rough terrain.



After the program ended, the authors of “Into the Badlands “, male monarch Gough and Miles Millar, explained to IndieWire that when they found out that the program had been canceled, they launched an idea of ​​an AMC incident, but they did not succeed. 

From the third season, where Sunny’s son and successful daughter were adult survivors in a world of weapons. Bajie (Nick Frost) had been moved from the main chain to guide the two younger people.


The creators compared this to HBO’s Deadwood, which focused on a small town. Following this format would have allowed much smaller budgets, as most episodes would have settled in the city, unlike the Into the Badlands, which included many tasks that often carried characters to different places.

The settings and tone were quite different. The addition of weapons created a Western environment, along with an entirely new challenge, because the weapons were weapons to which the martial arts had no answer. 

Martial arts were at the heart of post-apocalyptic terrain, partly because of the fact that weapons were not a factor. Without weapons, people needed a different way to fight. Undoubtedly, bringing the weapons back into the mix would change things, and perhaps motivate society to evaluate martial arts to a lesser extent.

As the creators believed, the combination of kung fu and rifles would certainly have given the occasional opportunity to support themselves, regardless of the rough terrain. No doubt, it is an interesting concept and its unique western flavor may be enough to attract new viewers, but unfortunately, the proposed series will never see the light.

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